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The Trading Terminal is a cutting edge, web-based trading platform that gives traders full access to market information from any internet connected device that supports a web browser.
A desktop version is characterized by complete toolkit with three interface modes: Classic, Dashboard, and Charts.

How to login to Trading Terminal?

To login to the terminal, follow the link and then type your e-mail address and the password specified during the registration on the platform.

How to load the quotes history?

The quotes history for each instrument is loaded when you scroll the trade chart to the left, to earlier dates. You can download the complete history stored on the Company’s server.

What information is available without closing the terminal window?

You can:
• Deposit funds to your active account
• Read analytical reviews from the Company’s leading experts
• Explore Economic calendar

How does the search function work in the Trading Terminal?

In the top right-hand corner of the Trading Terminal you will find the search box titled Search for a product. This will allow you to find a specific stock or another financial instrument.

How do I compose a list of favourite assets?

You can add a product to your list of favourites by clicking on the star icon next to the product name. A specific product has been added to your list as soon as the icon has turned black.

The Trading Terminal isn’t functioning properly. Why is this?

The web version of our Trading Terminal works with most browsers however outdated browsers can sometimes cause problems. We advise you to use the latest version of all browsers, you will then be assured of all security updates and service packs from the supplier.


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